Galena white barn

An early morning drive down a country road near Galena took us here.

Valley of green

A tree-filled hillside surrounds farm buildings in Galena

Barn overgrown

Vines creeping up the side of a barn in Galena may be a sign of neglect, but they also make for a nice image.

Galena barn cows

Light fog can't keep cows from breakfast on an early fall morning in Galena.

This time of year, the corn in central Illinois  gets pretty high. But it creates some interesting compositions, like this one on Route 6 near La Salle Peru.

The Illini Lounge is a legit place, which probably pleases the owner of this barn.

On the backroads of Illinois, we came around a bend and saw this barn off in the distance. The clouds in the sky and the field in the foreground combined to create a lonely, almost abandoned look. Unfortunately, its a look not all that uncommon in American farming these days. Actual location, Routes 67 and 135.
Alone against a midwest sky, this farm near Augusta, Wi., has a four-legged guard.