We spent a week this past summer on a photo tour of New England, looking for old barns to photograph.
Specifically, we visited small towns Massachusetts and Connecticut.
We created hundreds of images, which we will be posting in the days ahead.
This one is among my favorites, recorded on a hazy day that turned rainy a few seconds after making this shot.
We broke a couple of so-called rules to make this picture, most notably the one about not shooting into the sun.
We did it on purpose, just to see what we got, in this case an almost high-key effect in the sky, which worked well with the weathered old barn wood and green foliage.
The American flag hanging from the barn seemed to be common in this part of the world. We noticed it on lots of other barns we saw.
More of our barn images are on my Facebook page, Ernest J. Schweit, and on my website, www.ernestjschweitphotography.com