The skies were clear, the sun was hot and the corn was pretty far along when I discovered this scene in western Illinois, south of Macomb, the other day.
We were on a Sunday drive just for fun with my son, who had recently graduated Western Illinois University, when this place appeared on the horizon.The last four years, we have made many images on trips to see my son, but now that he's graduated, there won't be many journeys to this part of the midwest.

We organized a barn shoot the other day for some of our students from Harper College in Palatine, Ill.
Our destination was the Fox River Grove/Barrington Area, where we found this wonderful red barn in a huge meadow.
Truth is, we had shot this barn before, so we challenged ourselves to find a new perspective.
We grabbed a 28 to 80 zoom, our trusty tripod and went to work. Here's the result.
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More photos from the Harper shoot in the days ahead.