As a personal challenge, we decided to re-imagine an image from our New England photo trip last summer.
So we gave this straight forward barnscape a shot in black and white. I won't go into all the technical manipulations that went into the conversion process--email me and I'll be happy to share--but nearly two hours later, well…here it is….what do you think?
Apologies for the lengthy time between posts, but its been a busy summer, with kids visiting, playing catchup with the house, etc. We did manage to sneak away for a motor trip to Asheville, N.C., and to see family in Kentucky.
Along the way, we found this old place near Wellington, Ky.
Even though we're supposed to post only midwest barns, we liked this one so much, we decided to move outside our geographic boundaries.
I love the contrast of the flower plantings and finely trimmed grass in the foreground against the weathered look of the old barn and its over grown surroundings.
Enjoy. There's more at