Sometimes the old barns we cherish become a secondary feature in a shot, like this one, which we made on a trip with my wife to Madison, Wisc. The line corn stalks beneath a white clouded fall sky in Varona grabbed our attention was we drove by; the old wooden barn faded into the background. We picked the horizontal crop to accentuate the line of corn leading to the old barn. More of our barns are at We'll post this one there for purchase.
For two years, we traveled the backroads of  Wisconsin, making images of old barns and talking to farmers about their love of the land. Those images are published in "Wisconsin Barns." The book features 107 images organized by region and makes a great gift or moment. "Wisconsin Barns" is available for $14.95 plus shipping.  Copies signed by yours truly are available special order by emailing me at

I know that time of  year we should be posting images of snow clad barns in fields of white, but I've had just about enough of the cold weather here in the midwest.
So as luck would have it, I stumbled upon this lovely fall setting we captured in Varona, Wis.
My wife and I were headed back from the farmer's market in Madison; our itinerary for the day included some "barning." So off the main drag we drove until we found this.
We enhanced the clouds a bit with Lightroom 5.2 and decided on the horizontal crop because the expansive landscape seemed to suggest that treatment.
We'll post this image for purchase on the "American Barns" gallery of our web page,