When I taught photography, I would tell my students that the best time to shoot was when the weather turned cold and nasty; rain, snow, fog, whatever; nature at its worst can add a moody element to your work.
I remembered that on the way to an assignment for a commercial client in Richmond, Ill.
Driving down a backroad on a typically winter gray day, I spotted an old red barn  surrounded by bare trees in a field covered with a dusting of snow. Not exactly picture postcard material, but that's fine.
The elements combined to create a moody image that I couldn't resist.
I added the vignette and dialed back the color in post production to add a bit more mood.
More images like this are in the American barns gallery of my online portfolio. 
More of my barn images will be shown at the Grayslake Fine Arts Show, from 5 to 8 p.m., Saturday, March 11 at the Grayslake Heritage Center. For more info, visit 

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