The great thing about photography---as it is with any art form---is that  its a total expression of the artist. There are no right and wrong answers, which my students hear me say constantly, in an effort to free their minds to the possibilities.
So it was with this old silo, the third and final image from a recent series I made while traveling through Wisconsin.
In my rural landscape work, color is my mainstay, but more and more I'm seeing a visual appropriateness (is that a word?) in black and white.
To my way of seeing, black and white just seems to fit these old bastions on the prairie, like that comfortable pair of slippers we wear at the end of a long day in stiff dress shoes. The dress shoes look great, but the slippers...well, they feel great.
Anyways, more barns and samples of our other work is up on my portfolio web site,

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