Okay, so this isn't really a barn. But cows are part of the farm scape, right?
Normally, I wouldn't have thought twice about this scene, but the smoke coming off the cows and the notion of shooting into the sun, caught my attention.
The smoke is from the warm breath of the cows hitting the cold morning air, just like our breath produces smoke on cold mornings.
The sun...well, I normally don't like shooting into the sun, but I saw this composition in my head..with the sun forming a star in the far left side of a horizontal composition...so I couldn't resist.
We made this image on our recent fall colors trip through southern Wisconsin, west of Lake Geneva on our way north to Madison.
We have a couple more to post from this journey in the weeks ahead. Then, if all goes well, there will be another trip north,this time to Door  County. I expect most of the colors will be gone by the time we get there, but that will make the process of image-making all the more challenging.
If you know of any barns or beautiful spots in up that way, drop us a note at ernestjschweit@sbcglobal.net, or leave a comment here.

Most of the state is past its peak for fall colors, but for your future reference, here's a page we use to plot our journies.

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